"You Are Bad Parents!"

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Lanie…..You hurt us tonight. You found the confidence to say “you are bad parents” Wow? Really? After everything we provide and everything we do for you girls you still found it ok to say we are “bad parents.” That hurt. So I sent you to bed.

Not properly communicating how you made me feel. How you made us feel. Actually you irritated me….it really hurt. Only not because you said it but because you said what I am feeling. There that’s the truth. I worry a lot about screwing up your future. I stay up at night working, building, researching and planning for the next steps for the family. I wake up early….early enough to meditate and prep for the day so I can have that extra five minutes to color with you and sissy. To be there for both you girls. Your mom does a lot too. It wasn’t right for you to say that….in that way at least. I appreciate your communication and openness but your words hurt………..wait….I thank you for that.

You know……..sometimes we are “bad parents”…..sometimes we don’t let you have dessert, sometimes we make you do homework……sometimes we don’t let you watch tv…….sometimes we expect you to do chores……….if that’s what you feel bad parents are……that’s ok. We will be bad parents just to teach you that if you should find yourself raising children one day, working hard for your family, living your dreams and capturing your goals and your child turns to you and says “you are a bad parent!” You can love them with confidence, hug them and explain that you said that one day to your parents and you really didn’t mean it, but you were just showing and communicating your emotions because you needed some support.

I will talk to you about this in the morning but for now I’m going to watch you both sleep while you dream.‪#‎youbetterbeliving‬

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