What I Learned By Playing Pictionary With Millennials

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On Easter Sunday my family and I ventured out and went to a party at a friends house. A good time was held by all, there was great food, great drinks and some pretty awesome dessert. Our adventure could have stopped there but we decided to break out the board games. What a way to end a weekend right? Sitting around the table playing pictionary!

“Though the game was fierce and my team won, (which I was super excited about) I was very intrigued by the interaction of all the other team members.”

There was an age range of players from 7 years old to 50 something….while we were playing I was thinking to myself, “what else can you do in life that holds the attention of a 7 yr old, 18 yr, 27 yr old, 30 yr olds and a couple 40/50 something’s? Really? Nothing.

Usually when there are those types of ages together we are bickering about getting dressed, or going to work, or fighting over money/business and maybe for the twenty year olds the parents are nagging about what their kids are going to do with their life. Not this night though. This night was filled with laughter and amazing memories. When it wasn’t my turn I looked around the table and seen smiles on everyone’s face. The way life should be. I wish every Sunday could end with the tv off and a fun board game with family and friends.

“I woke up this morning with a list of things I learned while playing the game and thought I could share it with the world so here it is:”

  1. drawing stick figures crosses ageless boundries
  2. everyone wants to win
  3. don’t make directions to hard, if they are, nobody reads them, they just roll the dice and make up their own rules.
  4. real life problems should get solved with a quick rock, paper, scissors match….leave the hard decisions to chance.
  5. people 12 to 33 are on snapchat and are super burnt out by facebook…(so uncool)
  6.  laughter makes everything better.
  7. The younger ones have an awesome appetite for competition and a mean poker face
  8. 20 somethings want to start business’s but don’t know where to turn and think they have no options.
  9. my wife and I can still be cool when we are 50 because we have good mentors showing us how to have fun, even when it hurts to wake up the next morning.
  10. and last but not least there’s always time for family bonding.

ok so I decided, every Sunday for the next month I will make a great attempt to put together a family game night so we can make memories that our kids, my wife and I will cherish forever. Do you want to join in? Our door is always open!



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