Parent Patience

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There is something to be said about the patience a parent can have with their child. Parenting is fun but at times it can be so absolutely devastating. To absorb the crying, hitting, whining and all around WWF style tantrums is one of our greatest achievements. Seriously there is no logic in the child’s mind when they set off on this adventure, there is no rhyme or reason for what they are doing. A child’s tantrum is one of the mysterious of life. I really don’t get it. Between the daily laughs, hugs and tickling parties there are the tantrums and the out right crying. Why are we subjected to these situations I ask? I wonder does it make us stronger? Is it life’s way of seeing how much you can take? I am an optimist. Not by choice but by necessity. With all the stresses we deal with daily can you imaging what would happen if I were a cynic or even a pessimist. Oh brother. I don’t really know where this all comes from but what I do know is we all deal with it or have dealt with it in the past. For the ones that have older children I know what your thinking….” Just wait till you have teenagers.” Right? Yup. That’s what I hear. For the ones that are dealing with it right now let’s not swap stories. Let’s just all be aware that for every 10 joys your kids bring you they may bring 1 disastrous tantrum that diminishes several of the 10 happy moments. Let’s just look at each other and smile that half grinned teeth wrenching smile…..that ” oh I wish I had wine right now” smile when we pass each other around town or at our local places of business. For the tantrums will all be forgotten as soon as your tantrum throwing child sees sponge bob flash across the tv screen. Let us all smile at once ready and begin the settle down countdown 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Squirrel. Happy Monday.

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